Gores Technology Group Realigns its TI Acquisition
July 30, 1998
DALLAS - Less than a month after being acquired from Texas Instruments by the Gores Technology Group, Adventa Control Technologies announced a realignment of its business and marketing strategy with the needs of the worldwide semiconductor industry.

"The ControlWORKS Business Unit will continue to focus on the worldwide semiconductor equipment market," says Dan Schell, Chief Operating Officer. "Our WORKS Business Unit has refocused its effort and resources to deliver factory control modules to production wafer fabs worldwide. "Our WORKS productivity modules may be installed in any production fab and be integrated with the customer's choice of factory CIM systems. We will be working with device manufacturers worldwide and major CIM vendors to deliver the manufacturing control system that will be required in future 200 and 300mm fabs." The WORKS factory control modules are focused on productivity through process control and process optimization. Therefore, Schell contends, the integration of WORKS factory control with commercial systems (that are more focused on material) will give device manufacturers the technology they need to improve fab productivity, improve their process capability and reduce their dependency on monitor wafers. Adventa will formally introduce ProcessWORKS, the first of several productivity modules, to the industry at the SEMICONwest 98 Convention on July 13, 14 15. ProcessWORKS is a software module that may be integrated with any commercial CIM system to provide fault detection, trace analysis and model-based process control. As demonstrated in production fabs, the technology improves process Cpk, decreases process variability, and improves productivity at the tool and factory levels. "Our channels to market for this technology will be direct sales to device manufacturers and VAR. relationships with equipment manufacturers and CIM suppliers," says Carl Fiorletta, Adventa's Director of Marketing. "From the device makers point of view, it is a natural progression to have equipment OEM's and CIM vendors work together to deliver this technology. This partnership between the end user, Adventa, equipment OEM's and CIM vendors will reduce the training, support and deployment for the ProcessWORKS technology. "Backed by the resources of the Gores organization, we will be in a position to introduce all of our productivity modules. The preparation of existing and future fabs for production of 'next generation' devices will be an exciting time for us. The Adventa team looks forward to the many opportunities we have with our partners to deliver this unique and important technology." The Gores Technology Group (GTG) consists of twelve interrelated but autonomous companies. These GTG companies are focused on computer hardware and/or software development, distribution, and customer support services. With consolidated annual revenues approaching 250 million dollars and operations in over 45 facilities in the United States, Europe, Asia and Latin America, GTG has proven itself as the premier international technology and acquisition management company. GTG's family of companies employs over 900 software and computer professionals worldwide.