Gores Technology Group Announces an Agreement to Acquire Anker B.V.
February 4, 2003
Anker BV and Gores Technology Group (GTG) announced today that they have entered in to a preliminary agreement for a GTG affiliate to acquire both the stock and senior debt of Anker. The transaction is expected to be completed in 30 days and is subject to normal closing conditions.

Commenting on the acquisition, John Foulkes, Chief Executive Officer of Anker, said: "We are delighted with this acquisition and the significant investment made by GTG will allow Anker to take our flagship product, OSCAR, into new and uncharted territories. It is a very positive step forward in the history of Anker and will enable us to achieve our ambitious growth plans. We are looking forward to working very closely with our colleagues in GTG."

Vance Diggins, Chief Executive Officer of Gores Technology Group (GTG) added, "We are very pleased that Anker, it's customers and employees are joining the GTG portfolio of companies. We view this as a strategic European acquisition. This will further enable GTG to enter a market sector with exciting growth potential."

This acquisition advances Anker's strategic objective to consolidate and grow its position as the leading independent supplier of integrated EPoS systems in Europe. In particular, it will allow Anker to build on its success with its leading edge software products, OSCAR and POWER. In business since the end of the 19th Century Anker offers complete EPoS solutions that support all aspects of the consumer/retailer interface - in food, hospitality and specialist retail segments. Anker supports not only the initial order taking process, but also the subsequent supply of back and head office management information for retailers. The range of products and services for retailers includes software, consulting and support, and hardware. As part of the commitment to deliver complete IT solutions for shopping, Anker works alongside retailers and selected partner companies to help deliver the best of breed solutions for next generation retailing.

About Anker

Anker is a pan-European EPoS solutions provider with sales operations in eleven countries. The Group has three operating regions, Europe Central, Europe West and Scandinavia. In addition, Anker also have distributors in a further 33 countries across Europe, Africa and the Middle East. These regions are supported by the central development of core software, hardware, manufacturing and marketing. Anker's structure allows the Group to operate either on a local country basis, or on a Europe-wide basis, depending on an individual retailer 's needs. Anker also provides pan-European software support. For more information on Anker go to anker-systems.com.

About GTG

With headquarters in Los Angeles, Gores Technology Group (GTG) is a privately held international acquisition and management firm that pursues an aggressive strategy of acquiring promising high-technology organizations and managing them for growth and profitability. GTG has a successful track record of acquiring and managing companies -- including many divisions acquired from large publicly traded companies -- through its commitment to customers, employees and continued development of intellectual property. GTG has acquired and managed approximately 40 interrelated but autonomous technology-oriented companies with locations throughout the world. Those companies provide a broad range of technology-based products and services to a substantial customer base representing millions of active users worldwide.