Gores Technology Group Announces Acquisition of Portera GC and the JAMIS Product Family
July 8, 2002
JAMIS Solutions are Designed Specifically for Project-Driven Organizations Who Count the U.S. Government Among Their Clients

LOS ANGELES, July 8, 2002 /PRNewswire/ -- Gores Technology Group (GTG) announced today the purchase of Portera GC and the JAMIS Product Family from Portera Systems, including all of the software assets and intellectual property rights associated with the JAMIS products. The new name for the corporation will be JAMIS Software Corporation.

"The acquisition of the JAMIS product lines offers GTG the strongest set of software applications specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the fast growing Government Contracting market. The JAMIS product family has a great reputation, deep functionality and a vast installed base of customers," said James Bailey, Group President of GTG.

The JAMIS software products provide DCAA-compliant technology solutions for contract-driven organizations that serve the government -- including job cost, job billing, contract administration, time and expense, reporting and analytics. JAMIS Software is also the industry leader in web services with the largest installed base of hosted, DCAA compliant web-based electronic timecards, delivered on a subscription basis. The acquisition strategically positions GTG to comprehensively address three of the fastest growing market segments of Governmental Contracting. The JAMIS Software tools primarily serve project-driven organizations, including government contractors, research institutes and the government services divisions of large consulting organizations. Customers include Booz Allen Hamilton, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon Systems, ITT Defense, EG&G Technical Services, PricewaterhouseCoopers WCP and IIT Research Institute.

"This agreement is a great fit for the JAMIS family," said Ashley Abdo, President of JAMIS Software. "Our customers, employees and applications will all benefit greatly from the vast resources of GTG, enabling JAMIS Software to expand the functionality offered across all our products even further -- from our Job Cost and Job Billing to our web-based timecard and expense applications."

About Gores Technology Group

With headquarters in Los Angeles, Gores Technology Group (GTG) is a privately held international acquisition and management firm that pursues an aggressive strategy of acquiring promising high-technology organizations and managing them for growth and profitability. GTG has a proven track record of acquiring and successfully managing companies -- including many divisions acquired from large publicly traded companies -- through its commitment to customers, employees, and continued development of intellectual property. GTG has acquired and managed approximately 40 interrelated but autonomous technology-oriented companies with locations throughout the world. Those companies provide a broad range of technology based products and services to a substantial customer base representing millions of active users worldwide. More information about GTG can be found at www.gores.com.

About Portera Systems

Portera Systems(TM) is a global Web services provider dedicated to helping consulting firms, government contractors and other project-driven organizations more effectively manage their operations by delivering technology solutions that provide greater accessibility, more rapid return on investment and better cost control than traditional enterprise software systems. Portera's ServicePort(R) suite for professional services automation (PSA) enables organizations serving commercial and government clients to more effectively manage their finances, resources, projects and relationships on a global basis. Portera's subscription-based Web services solutions are delivered via the company's global delivery infrastructure -- providing the utmost in security, scalability and reliability, without the associated capital investment or drain on resources. Visit the company's web site at www.portera.com.