Gores Acquires Aonix
December 2, 1998
The Gores Technology Group (GTG) announced today that it has augmented its family of computer hardware and software companies by acquiring software-development tool products and services provider Aonix from Thomson CSF, effective December 31, 1998.

With sales exceeding $50 million in 1998, Aonix is a major player in the software-development tools market and one of the largest software companies in the world. It currently has more than 20,000 installations with half a million users worldwide. Aonix will be a wholly owned subsidiary of GTG, continuing to operate under its current management which will report directly to GTG President Vance Diggins. "Aonix is precisely the kind of company that GTG seeks out to acquire and build into a leader in its industry," Diggins said. "It is a total-solution company supplying both products and services to its worldwide customer base. It has excellent products in the field and extremely promising products under development. And it has a very good management team led by Ben Goodwin, who will continue as President and CEO of Aonix." "Aonix has five 'solutions groups' to meet the broad spectrum of customers' needs," Goodwin explained. "These are (1) Critical-Software Development Solutions, (2) User Interface Management Solutions, (3) Information Access & Management Solutions, (4) Software Modeling Solutions, and (5) Software Quality Assurance Solutions. Our most popular and best known products among major software developers are NOMAD, Software through Pictures, Teleuse, and the ObjectAda family of development tools." Headquartered in Los Angeles, GTG is a leading international technology acquisition and management company that pursues an aggressive strategy of acquiring promising high-technology organizations and then managing them for growth and profitability. Currently, GTG consists of ten interrelated but autonomous computer-related companies focused on hardware and/or software development, distribution, and support services. Much of GTG's rapid growth in the 1990s has been the result of first acquiring and then expanding companies and technologies, applying what the company calls "The Gores Approach." "The Gores Approach is to determine the needs of a newly acquired company's key customers and then formulate a business makeup and strategy to be responsive to those needs," Diggins explained. "Strengthened by GTG's financial muscle and worldwide distribution assets, Gores companies plan and budget their activities and R&D to support that strategy. GTG's annual R&D investment in newly acquired companies averages 20% of revenues." GTG offers extensive marketing and distribution resources in the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Latin America. For further information, contact James Hale at (310) 209-3010.