Gores' Origination team is responsible for sourcing investment opportunities, building relationships, and expanding the Gores network worldwide. The Origination professionals work in tandem with the M&A team, enabling Gores to concurrently identify and develop multiple investment opportunities.

The size and structure of the Origination team facilitates relationships with companies, investment banks and professional advisors across diverse industry verticals, including technology, telecommunications, business services, industrial, healthcare, media & entertainment, and consumer products. The Origination team also monitors deals in the market including corporate bankruptcies and auctions. As a result of these relationships, they regularly receive inbound calls from companies and advisors looking for a buyer with the firm's capabilities. Gores' outbound relationship efforts have also resulted in invitations to participate in company-managed limited auctions and to look at corporate divestitures on an exclusive or semi-exclusive basis.

Los Angeles

+ 1 310.209.3010

David Leeney
Principal and Head of Global Origination

Scott Erickson
Telecom, Media and Tech Services


+44 (0) 870.060.1190


+ 1 303.531.3100

Melissa Yager
Industrials / Healthcare