Investment Strategy

Investment Strategy

Our investment strategy has remained consistent for over 25 years: we specialize in acquiring businesses that are undergoing change in capital structure, strategy, operations or growth and can benefit from Gores’ operational and strategic approach. We target companies with a defensible core business, mature products or services, sustainable revenues, established customer relationships, and that have reached a transition point in their lifecycle presenting an opportunity for transformation.

Our financial expertise and significant in-house resources allow us to be flexible in investment structure, type and size. Since our founding, we have carved out divisional assets through corporate-divestitures, partnered with family-owned businesses and management teams, grown companies through industry consolidation strategies, and have taken public companies private. This flexibility allows us to be opportunistic so we can uncover optimal investments for the benefit of the companies we invest in as well as our investment partners.

Additionally, operational transformation is key to the value we create. Our in-house Gores Operations Group works exclusively with our portfolio companies and collaborates closely with management teams to establish viable operational blueprints, launch marketing and product initiatives, determine areas to invest for growth, and build stronger and better companies.

We apply a consistent investment approach across North America and Europe. The ability to invest in multiple geographies provides Gores with an effective platform to deploy capital across a diverse set of businesses, capture opportunities in a variety of geographic regions, and create measurable value for our investment partners and portfolio companies.

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